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Since the launch of it's predecessor, the GPD Win (pictured below) has takes the mobile pocket PC segment to another lev
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For a while now most Samsung fans have been rocking the Galaxy S7, the all new nougat update has made the device even be
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The village of Netravali in Sanguem is a perfect getaway into the mysterious nature and its activity.The trek down to th
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The outdoor exhibit is a huge park that visitors can walk through and see decommissioned aircrafts that saw service with
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Remember the indestructible Nokia 3310? I know i do. Released in 2000, Nokia sold over 125 million of their handsets. We
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One of the hottest news to hit the mobile market was RIM (Research in Motion) announcing that they were over and done wi
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Yes, The king is back! After years being the underdogs AMD has finally risen or should i say Ryzen with it's latest 8 co
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Panaji, earlier known as Panjim is listed among the most beautiful cities of Goa. However, people still call it Panjim. 
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At the foot of Amod Ghat lies a beautiful temple of Mahadeva, which is one of the earliest built Kadamba-Yadava dynasty
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Fort ‘Aguada’ at Sinquerim is one of the most visited places in Goa. It was built way back in 1602-12 during the Portugu
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Makes sense when you just wanna chill on the beach and unwind...
Fort Aguada, Reminiscence to History
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